Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KC is turning 10!! Happy Birthday to KC!!!

10 years of KC!! Opening day 7/9/01 as KC Custom Framing, for the first five years we specialized only in custom picture framing. Here is a review in pictures....

Our first location was off the beaten track at 68 Weibel Avenue (out near the Golf Driving Range).

Here is our original logo.

K and C waiting for customers on opening day!

Our frame wall and counter....notice all the space on the counter...this was before the fabrics took over. lol

A shot of our framing gallery, look at all that floor space. (Courtney was thinking how can we fill this up?)So we tried filling it up by saving a stray! Of course, we named her, KC!

Then we found KC a permanent home just in time to move our store across the street to 75 Weibel Avenue.

The arrival of fabrics brought many things but the most needed was an update to our logo.
Picture of the framing wall at our 2nd location next to Danielle's Bridal. Notice the counter getting cluttered already.
The start of our fabric store.
Quickly we outgrew our Weibel Avenue location and on to our final destination at 67 Davidson Drive, still in Saratoga Springs. Here is our newly painted entry....just in time for our 10 year Anniversary! We love this space...we grew up in this neighborhood, our grandmother still lives two doors over and helps us at the shop all the time. Our parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and they just so happened to have their wedding reception in this building. It was formally the Wilton Grange Hall.

More counter space to clutter up...

Here is Sparkle! our Gammill Statler Stitcher, she has been quite busy lately!Our newest addition... We are authorized dealers of Juki Sewing Machines. Stop in and check our the Juki showroom.

Whew....A lot has happened in the last 10 years, who knows what we will add next? But one thing I know is we will not be moving again!! :)

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